About FAA

The Finest Art in Asia is strictly a writing and research service for clients across the art world spectrum.

The Finest Art in Asia (FAA) closely collaborates with artists, art teaching studios, museums, galleries, heritage houses, and private collectors of Fine Art. We started in 2013 when one of the longest-running art galleries in the Philippines contracted our curatorial consultancy services. At that time, we provided collections management consultancy and curatorial consultancy.

From this inspiration, we started to specialize in research and content creation for collaterals across platforms. These include but are not limited to exhibition notes, exhibition catalogues, corporate brochures, press kits, websites, and coffee table books. As a research service, we take care of documentation and archiving needs.

Why do we exist? It is because we are firm believers in the human being’s capacity to create works that will inspire even the ordinary viewer. The inspiration may range from environmental advocacy, social awareness, political activism, or a deeper understanding of what it means to be a complex human being. Each art work is a creation of the human mind and hand. Therefore, sustaining conditions for artistic creation is part of our mission. Writing and research on art is the best way we can contribute to society.




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